• How should we approach life and its challenges? Are they real?
  • What do we really know about reality?
  • What is the connection between reality and consciousness?
  • Do we live in a simulation? 

Hyperreality is a book about the nature of our reality and the hypotheses we have made about it through the centuries. Johanna Blomqvist, PhD describes many cases and research experiments that will puzzle your mind. Our reality seems to be something other than what the current prevailing model which guides our life suggests. 

It is time to understand our effect on physical reality and move to a new era, beyond materialism. You exist — dive into hyperreality, in which you are a significant participant!

Editorial Reviews of Hyperreality

“”Hyperreality” is a reminder of the challenges and limits of science. Although modern science has been able to produce accurate models and theories, it has failed to connect human and consciousness to the reality described by the theories. 

Blomqvist’s positive perspective, physicist’s theoretical knowledge combined with her own experiences and insights, and many surprising cases of practical experiments, challenges both the private truth seeker and the specialist of natural sciences. Using Aristotle’s words: ‘Every man wants to know.'”

– Tuomo Suntola, PhD, physicist, Millennium technology prize winner 2018

“Traditionally, religions and human sciences have provided us with life wisdom. Blomqvist’s pioneering book paves a way for an association of natural sciences and life wisdom in a way which is both scientifically grounded and examined in the first person. An unusual, brave and thrilling combination!”

– Virpi Lehtinen, philosopher, Ph.D.

“What I like best in Hyperreality is that it offers us such an extensive view of exciting experiments and theories of consciousness. It testifies that, even if we knew that reality, at its bottom, is energy, there would still be plenty of room for imagination to explore the nature and origin of consciousness and its relation to material reality.

The book presents experiments of possible effects of intentions and emotions to physical and organic nature, and other human beings, as well as, a wide range of physical theories struggling with issues on mind and matter. I also like the personal touch of the quantum physicist turning into an energy healer and retaining her scientific approach to her new experiences. The book suits for non-experts, but is also of interest to philosophers and scientists.

– Marja-Liisa Kakkuri-Knuuttila, Professor in Philosophy of Management, emerita

“Dr. Blomqvist’s Hyperreality is jam-packed with thought-provoking questions about the nature of reality, such as: Do time and space really exist? Could time be a side effect of how attention constantly shifts between billions of parallel realities? Could synchronicity be a bridge between the implicate and explicate realities described by David Bohm? Can information travel from the present or future to the past? What do quantum physics and energy healing experiments tell us about consciousness? Could we be living in a simulation?

Although you won’t walk away with concrete answers to these and other questions, you’ll enjoy entertaining them and their implications while becoming better informed about the research and exciting debates that have lead hundreds of scientists to demand that we accept a post-materialist model.

– Diane Hennacy Powell, MD, Author of The ESP Enigma

“Hyperreality takes an intelligent and curious look at life, reality, and the many connections among physics, metaphysics, quantum physics, and energy, and how the human brain and society put these pieces of existence together. Exploring complex topics such as freedom, real and perceived experiences, self-reality, and human interpretation of each, the author takes a deep dive into both traditional and modern views of the human experience. Each chapter builds on the previous chapters, guiding the reader to look at their views of self, others, and the separate and combined beliefs among humans. The reader will realize what they do not know and do not objectively understand, creating a new view of their lives and how life is related to the energy and existence of the known universe.

Hyperreality by Johanna Blomqvist poses many challenging and thought-provoking questions. Most humans go through life without pausing to question reality and how their own thoughts might be limiting them from fully connecting with others on an energetic and collective consciousness level. The author writes with transparency and systematically addresses questions that may arise with each new nugget of perspective she offers. This book is mind-opening and intellectually stimulating, awakening one’s curiosity to know more and to further contemplate the topics presented. Science is at once elevated and questioned. The introduction of hyperreality was a new concept to me and the author did a great job of explaining it. I loved the writing style, the supporting evidence, and the way the topics lead the reader to the realization of how little they may understand of life and the universe.

– Sheena Monnin, Readers’ Favorite