Some comments from the readers of HYPERREALITY

Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • “This type of book is the reason that we read.”
  • “Stimulates a great deal of thought in readers!”
  • “Timely reminder of the challenges and limits of science.”
  • “This book is one of the best if not ‘The best’ in its area.”

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Book Review: Sanna Vaaran Siskonpeti

I love books that engage your mind and stimulate a great deal of thought, often connecting science and spirituality. I am happy to share reviews of books that I can recommend whole-heartedly! This book (Sanna Vaara: Siskonpeti) is currently available only in Finnish.

Subjective experiences and our reality

There was an interesting article in New Scientist on March 30th, 2022: "A new place for consciousness in our understanding of the universe" ”To make sense of mysteries like quantum mechanics and the passage of time, theorists are trying to reformulate physics to include subjective experience as a physical constituent of the world.”

Happy World Water Day! 💦

Happy World Water Day! You might think that since water is so common we would understand it and it’s features well, too. But that’s not the case. No liquid behaves as oddly as water.