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When I was writing Hyperreality book I pondered a lot how differently we see the world. There is no one and correct way to see everything. And we need different views. The most important thing is to learn to understand how you see the world, reality, because it also determines what you see and perceive, and also what kind of questions you are able to ask about the reality. Perhaps the most important question we have to find out for ourselves is how we see reality and. I’ll tell you more about this in Hyperreality book.

I also recommend reading this book: Heikki Peltola’s “Whole and One – Seeing and Being the World“. In the book, Heikki Peltola considers whether the course of humanity can be reversed and whether we can create an intact world. He says, “The answer is yes and no. YES, if we correct mistakes in our thinking. Not if we persevere with our current worldview and its false assumptions.”

Sometimes it’s needed to reflect on the thinking and the way you see the world, because “You see what you’re ready to see.


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