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This is an article which I wrote two years ago for AWAKEN – Center for Human Evolution. It is also one of the articles in the Stories of Awakening book, available on Lulu. The book consists of 26 articles about Healing, Awakening, Lessons from the Other Side and More, with an intention to carry you further down your path. I think it is a good introduction if you haven’t met my books and work earlier.

What can science say about energy healing? Doesn’t modern science rule out phenomena like this? Does energy healing work and, if so, how?

How energy healing came to my life

During summer 2011, I suddenly noticed having many family members, relatives and friends with various diseases and disorders for which conventional medicine had no cures. These included arterial hypertension, Crohn’s disease, thyroid disorders and cancer. The only choice, if any, was to take palliative medication until the end. I wanted to help, so I began to look for possible complementary methods of treatment. At least it would do no harm.

At that time, I was working in my dream job, having had doctoral dissertation from physics ten years earlier, and my career was going in the direction I thought it should. I had an understanding of how the world works and the physics behind everything – at least that is what I thought.

My first acquaintance with the world of complementary medicine was the energy healing method developed by Dr. William Bengston, along with his research. The Bengston Method is a hands-on healing method, which uses a technique that he has developed and works at the level of the mind. The effectiveness of the method had been proven in several studies, which was exceptional for a complementary treatment. I read about his studies where mice recovered from a fatal type of mammary cancer for the first time ever.  

The idea of energy healing was a challenge for me. Could you really influence healing by channeling energy through the hands, with the possible assistance of the mind? What is energy healing?

Convincing research studies did not give me any reason to reject the Bengston Method, so I set out to study it, with the desire to learn more about energy healing. I also started learning Reiki, which seemed to be one of the basic energy healing methods from which many other energy healing methods originated. Reiki also seemed an easy method to learn, unlike the Bengston Method.

So, I took local Reiki training classes and started to treat my relatives and friends first as a hobby. I wanted to learn more about this strange healing energy and what actually happened in treatments. Every healing case seemed to be somehow made for me, so that I could learn and realize something new. Gradually, through different findings and sensory experiences, I began to learn more about healing. 

The case of a dog named Melli made a particular impression on me. Melli had a severe malignant tumor in her back leg but, during weeks of treatment, her tumor diminished in size, and she made a complete recovery. From the point of view of a researcher, a single case of healing is not that convincing, it is just an anecdote, but Melli was my first cancer patient, and a dog at that. Since I also knew about Bengston’s mice, almost 100% of which were cured, Melli’s healing could not have been just a coincidence.

In addition to Melli’s case, I was constantly experiencing and hearing about the effectiveness of energy healing. It gave me the incentive to find out more. I felt that this was my path, maybe even the reason why I had studied physics and found energy healing. I needed to find out what science can say about energy healing, if anything?

What can science say about energy healing?

The obvious choice where to start was quantum physics. Basically, quantum physics aims to provide answers to the questions of the nature of reality. It attempts to explain the behavior of matter and its interactions on the scale of atoms and subatomic particles. Thus, we cannot draw conclusions directly based on it when discussing phenomena that seem to involve also the mind. However, the ideas of quantum physics can be applied: maybe the same kind of model could be helpful in the case of energy healing?

Entanglement is one of the most interesting phenomena of quantum physics. It describes how two or more quantum systems, like two particles, interact so that the quantum state of one affects the other. One cannot be described without the other. The particles can be really far apart, and yet they can be described as one entity. By changing one particle, one will affect the other one too. And the interaction is simultaneous, it happens immediately. The phenomenon has been experimentally verified, and there doesn’t even seem to be any limit for how large a system this applies to. Could this phenomenon thus explain also remote healing?

It seemed that I needed to dig deeper in the areas which we do not understand completely and we don’t have answers yet. I was unable to disregard the mind, the question of consciousness, the mystery of healing and the placebo effect. Out of interest, I also did some preliminary research by myself. For example, I did some studies where I healed water and studied its acidity by measuring the pH-value before and after the treatment. In my studies, the pH values measured from the healed water seemed to approach a neutral level and also the best reading for humans.

From Quantum Physics to Energy Healing

I felt there was a need among practicing healers for a book that would help in telling others about energy healing, the physics involved and represent a model, hypothesis, how it could work. During my writing process, I have gained understanding that there is no contradiction between science and energy healing. I am convinced that we need to break the existing barriers of our thinking to find answers to our questions and also trust our own sensations, feelings and experiences. Maybe the most important finding of my journey so far, has been to realize how powerful and capable we are. We can even heal ourselves! How little we truly know even about the one topic we should know best: about ourselves.

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From Quantum Physics to Energy Healing was published on Amazon in 2018.

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