I didn’t plan to start writing blogs – I have to admit that. I have had so much work lately, and I was trying to reduce something that is not so necessary. You see, I plan to write a new book, and there is no time for everything – I knot that. I also wanted to build and app, and therefore I started exploring WordPress, and I ended up changing the provider of my websites. Then I realized that WordPress is an excellent interface (no, this is not a paid ad :)) for blogs. Should I, thus, start writing blogs?

Many ways I think that this fresh start comes exactly when it is needed. As I mentioned I am starting to write a new book. Also, there is a lot going on in the world now, and I feel that something is about to change really soon. The world won’t be the same as it was in the beginning of 2020. However, I feel it can be even better. Maybe it’s time to consider our values and worldview, too, as I wrote in Hyperreality book. Maybe it’s really time to start fresh, since also our current prevailing materialistic worldview has already been found out to be inadequate.

When the world changes around you, and you can’t control it, one of the most obvious emotions is fear or even anger. Especially when you are experiencing something that you consider is not fair or justified or is even absurd. When you are uncertain what will happen next and you are worried about your family, relatives, friends and everyone else, it is natural that you first react emotionally. Negative emotions are a sign for us that there is something that needs to be taken care of and that this situation is unwanted. What I have been doing lately a lot, is that I meditate and do self-healing. Connecting to your inner self helps you to focus and realize that there is a lot I can be grateful of. What really matters most is the present moment and what kind of actions I take – right now. If something is not what you would like it to be, do something. Express your thoughts, but do it constructively. I constantly remind myself of Reiki principles of life (gokai). There is something I can do and it starts from myself.

Below you can find my Heart Mind Meditation. It is a short meditation exercise, but it will help you to bring your attention to your inner self and to the issues that are most important.

Love and light to You All!

Johanna Blomqvist

Johanna Blomqvist - physicist & author


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