Energy work, or energy healing, is a technique that enables someone to work with subtle energy (universal life energy, chi, qi, prana, spirit etc.). Typically, energy work is used for the purpose of healing or relaxation. *)

Note! If it doesn’t matter for you when the energy healing session will be done, you can also select “no scheduling needed” option, see below. In that case, the session will be done as soon as I have a free slot in my calendar (usually within a week).

Besides Reiki (in japanese Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho), I use intuitively also other energy healing modalities, that I have found effective and useful. You can read more about my experiences and science from my blog and book From Quantum Physics to Energy Healing.

You can also join my group remote energy healing sessions. Now you have also possibility to support me as my patron. As my patron, you can e.g. join group remote energy healing sessions scheduled exclusively for patrons. You can experience a sample remote energy healing session below.

Book a remote healing session from my scheduling page

Payment via PayPal. Please see instructions how to prepare yourself for the remote healing session below.

1x Remote Energy Healing session (30min) includes:

  • 20 min energy healing session + 10 min for writing of the report
  • written energetic report about the session
  • optional post-session questions and brief follow-up by email

Book a remote healing session (no scheduling needed)

1x Remote Energy Healing session

When you book a session via this link, you will receive energy as soon as there is a slot in my calendar. Sometimes in a day or two, sometimes longer. You can also email to and suggest when you would like to have the session.


5x Remote Energy healing sessions

After payment email to and suggest when you would like to have the first session.


Instructions for the remote energy healing sessions

  • Preferably, try to be in relaxing environment laying down or sitting. There is no broadcast or phone call, just simply laying down or sitting in a peaceful place.
  • You can meditate before the session e.g. with the Heart Mind meditation below.
  • Remind yourself, what is your intention. What do you want that happens? E.g. In case you have a soar knee, don’t wish healing for you knee, but instead, wish the things you can do after your knee has healed. Do you wish to be able to jog again? Or do tennis? In your mind, ask that it happens. You can write down your intention.
  • Close your eyes, breath deeply a few times and simply listen how you feel.
  • You can concentrate in noticing sensations in your body, feelings, thoughts, emotions, or simply enjoy the feeling of relaxation.
  • If you fall asleep, it does not matter.
  • After the session, you can write down your thoughts and other observations you noticed. Please also note that you do not have to feel anything special during the session for remote healing to work. Some people are more sensitive than others.
  • Healing session lasts for 20 minutes.
  • You can read more about energy healing from my blog (Search “energy healing” or “remote healing”)

*) Note! The energy healing sessions I do are complementary forms of treatment and do not replace medical treatment. Energy healing can be considered similar methods as meditation and mindfulness, helping to maintain the moment-by-moment awareness.