“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.”

– Carl Jung.

“Synchronicities are a connection to one’s own innermost being. Deepak Chopra considers that synchronicities are important in human growth. Synchronicities expand perception, because they are surprising, and often gratifying. Sometimes they may even reinforce intuitive abilities. When you notice one, you notice another, and their number seems to increase.” (From Hyperreality book)

11/11 is a perfect day for manifesting and setting your intentions, but there is no reason why to do that every day.

✨Meditate today and let go of everything that doesn’t serve you anymore.

✨Be ready to walk through this portal to your dream life.

✨Focus on being one (1) with others. 

✨Best way to do this is by connecting with your inner self. 

✨By opening up to your true self you also open up to the outer world. By being open and connecting to who you truly are, you also invite others with similar energy to your life.

Reiki is also one way to do all the above. This is also what I teach in my Reiki classes and (remote) healing sessions.

You can also try for example this Oneness meditation.

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Helka · 30 Nov 2022 at 19:57

Toivon voivani olla perheeni kanssa läsnä 30.11 etähoidossa .Ilmottaautuminen ei onnistu

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