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Group remote healing sessions continue!

Next session: YouTube Live June 13th at 6pm (GMT +3)! That is 6pm in the UK and 10 am on the west coast of USA and use time zone converter to calculate what time is it where you are. Please also share information to others who might be interested!

You can find the YouTube channel here.

Note! This time you don’t have to register as in my earlier sessions, simply be present when the YouTube Live session begins. There is also going to be a recording, and you can watch that later, too, if you are unable to participate (Remember that energy healing, love and intentions go beyond the bounds of time…).

Join the Group Remote healing session here

In case you would like to have remote healing more regularly, you can book a personal remote healing session.

You can also support my work @Patreon, my patrons also have group remote healing sessions regularly.